The cash and drugs that were seized. | Policia Nacional

The National Police have released further information about a drugs operation carried out in Palma on Wednesday. Five people aged between 31 and 44 were arrested. These detentions followed four months of investigation and mean that the drugs gang has been dismantled.

Last Wednesday, a woman who was carrying a kilogram of cocaine hidden under the seat of a motorcycle was arrested. At the same time, four other people were arrested, including the gang's leader.

Two of those arrested had just collected money from drugs transactions and had 52,000 euros in cash in a paper bag that was under the seat of their vehicle. Meanwhile, a search was carried out at the home of the other two detainees. Another 260,000 euros in cash were seized. This cash had been vacuum packed and was due to have been forwarded to suppliers of cocaine on the mainland.

In the home of the woman on the motorcycle, a room was discovered that she rented to one of the other detainees that was used as a laboratory for the transformation and adulteration of cocaine so that its volume and weight could be increased, meaning greater profit.

In all, over five kilos of cocaine were seized.