People dancing at a club. archive photo. | Sergio Cañizares


The Balearic Nightlife Sector is the only one that’s still 100% closed and the Balearic Association of Night Leisure, or Abone and Leisure of Ibiza will propose that it be reopened immediately when they Government representatives today.

Licensed bars and café concertos can open under the same conditions as hotels, with a limited capacity of 50% and a closing time of 02:00, but dancing is banned.

Government Spokesperson and Tourism Minister, Iago Negueruela has said previously that the conditions for reopening the nightlife Sector will be discussed, but he did not give a date.

Abone will urge the Government to allow the Sector to reopen with reduced capacity.

"We are going to propose opening with health security measures in place," explained Abone President, Miguel Pérez-Marsá, who said they will also propose that customers wear face masks on the dance floor and only be allowed to drink at tables.

"It's up to us to open," said Pérez-Marsá, who estimates that around 200 nightclubs in the Balearic Islands are still closed. "We want to resume activity and return to normal next season.”

He acknowledged that opening the Nightlife Sector in early summer was complicated because the tourist season was at stake, but pointed out that vaccination was not as advanced as it is now.