Sisters of the Poor, Palma. | Pere Bota


The Sisters of the Poor, who care for vulnerable seniors in Palma are asking for help to pay a debt of 94,170 euros for water bills.

We have never received a water bill nor been asked to pay any money and a document from the residence states that the water was taken over by the Diputació or the Ajuntament,” explains Sister María Pilar de los Ángeles, Head of the Congregation in Palma. "We wanted to pay the bill in instalments, but we don’t have enough money in our monthly budget.”

The Sisters of the Poor have been caring for vulnerable elderly people since 1877 with very little financial resources and the Covid situation makes day-to-day life very difficult. The nuns care for 69 people, six of whom will soon be entering the residence. They can accommodate 90, but have been forced to reduce numbers because of the pandemic.

The Sisters of the Poor have two account numbers for public donations:
ES12 2100 0256 7502 0030 1108
ES28 2100 1807 9901 0028 4449