Carrer de Sant Magí, Palma. | M. À. Cañellas


Local residents are furious that the Government is planning to allow bars and restaurants in Palma to continue to use parking spaces as terraces until all the Covid restrictions have been lifted.

The Association for the Revitalisation of the Old Centres of Mallorca, or ARCA is calling for the terraces to be removed immediately.

"Citizen pressure and despair has forced Palma City Council to announce the removal of parking space terraces on September 30,” explains ARCA. “The misguided approach by the Government to extend it, is the perfect excuse for Palma City Council to back down, forcing residents and pedestrians to navigate obstacles when they're walking in the streets.”

ARCA claims that the parking space terraces have caused a lot of inconvenience in Calle Sant Magí in Santa Catalina.

“Before there were no terraces, because the pavements are not wide enough, but now the street is almost 100% occupied with tables and chairs,” blasts ARCA. “The personality of the neighbourhoods in Palma is what makes it an attractive city and allowing restaurants and bars to use these parking spaces as terraces doesn't make the neighbourhood look good.

ARCA has asked the Government to rectify the situation and put the interests of the residents first.

It's also urged Palma City Council to remove the terraces on September 30 and is demanding that residents' permission be sought before any changes are made, if there’s another wave of Covid.