People in Palma.

People in Palma.

24-09-2021Jaume Morey

With 79.4% of the target population in the Balearics vaccinated and infections falling rapidly, the Government is expected to lift most of the Covid restrictions on Monday, but some are here to stay.

The Social Dialogue Table will convene prior to the Government Council on September 27, to discuss which measures should go and which should remain in place throughout the winter.

It’s highly likely that capacity inside bars and restaurants will be expanded from 50%-75% and the restrictions may even be lifted altogether.

Palma City Council has reiterated its decision to close the parking space terraces on September 30, but it seems tht bars and restaurants will be allowed to occupy more space than originally authorised on the pavements outside their premises, to make sure that tables are 1.5 metres apart.

The limit of 12 customers per table outdoors and 8 indoors will be eliminated.

But the ban on smoking on terraces, which was introduced in August 2020, will not be lifted and may actually be kept forever.

The Government is still mulling over how to reopen the Nightlife Sector which has been closed since the beginning of the Covid pandemic and is looking at several options.

Making it compulsory for clients to be seated, banning food and forcing people to prove they’ve had both Covid jabs before they're allowed in, are all being considered.

So, provided there’s no upswing in infections, Monday will mark the beginning of the end of the Covid restrictions.


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Juan / Hace 4 months

Breathing cigarette smoke into other people's lungs during a pandemic probabably won't do too much to help control the situation - great news. Hopefully many other bars around the World will follow.


Gabriel / Hace 4 months

I quit smoking at the beginning of the pandemic, but I really feel for the smokers. This is unheard of. At least let terraces separate a few tables in an area for the smokers. This is brutal. Forever?? On the other hand, yeah, instead of closing the terraces occupying the parking places, make them bigger. I will park in my living room, lucky I live on the ground floor...


Sukanya / Hace 4 months

Brilliant news , smoking has no place in any public food environment, about time!


Mark / Hace 4 months

Great that smoking on terraces remains banned and hopefully forever. The thought of not having the smell of cigarettes around me, while I drink my coffee and eat a Napolitana.


Rich / Hace 4 months

I knew we'd not be able to smoke on terraces again, the anti smoking lobby saw this as their chance and jumped on it. At least we know smoking outside is un'policeable. Perhaps the council could provide more public seating outside the bars, I do like my coffee and a fag in the morning. I can't see armengol banning alcohol....she's proved herself a bit of a late night lush.