Balearic clubs to reopen October 8. | P. Pellicer


The Nightlife Sector in the Balearic Islands has welcomed the relaxation of Covid restrictions announced on Monday, despite the fact that some measures will remain in place.

The President of the Balearic Association of Night Leisure, or Abone, Miguel Pérez-Marsá, said the fact that the Sector will reopen on October 8 if the TSJIB authorises the use of the Covid Certificate for entry to clubs, is an injection of energy.

But there are conditions: capacity will be limited to 75%; customers must sit at tables to drink and wear a face mask on the dance floor. Closing time will be 05:00 hours, unless the municipal ordinances are more restrictive.

Pérez-Marsá has acknowledged that some of the big nightclubs in Ibiza won’t reopen because it wouldn’t be profitable for them to do so when there’s no tourists and some might find it difficult to get set up by October 8.

If the TSJIB does not sanction use of the Covid Certificate for entry to clubs, another meeting will be held on Monday to discuss the next move, which could delay the reopening of the Nightlife Sector.

Dancing is not allowed in bars, but Pérez-Marsá says the they'll be open later and the measures will likely become more flexible as the epidemiological situation improves.

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“You can't dance in bars, but their opening hours are extended from 02:00 to 04:00."

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