Eurodisney, Paris. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


After nearly two years of Covid restrictions, the rules are finally being relaxed and many Balearic residents are looking forward to taking holidays outside Spain.

"There is a desire to travel to traditional destinations, although the pandemic protocols have eradicated reservations to Asian countries,” says Aviba President, Francesc Mulet.

So far, most Balearic tourists are booking holidays at Eurodisney in November, December and January, New York at Christmas; the Mexican Riviera Maya and the Dominican Republic for week-long stays and Punta Cana, Samaná and Bávaro for Easter.

Reservations are being made at the last minute, depending on the Covid restrictions in the countries people want to travel to, but there is a definitely a change of tone after so many months of inactivity,” adds Mulet.

Destinations & Prices

“Tourist packages range in price from 1,200-2,000 euros per person depending on the choice of country, hotel accommodation and excursions booked,” explains Mulet.

Four days at Eurodisney costs around 1,000 euros per person, whereas for trips to New York or Caribbean destinations will set you back at least 1,600-2,000 euros per person.

"New York has become fashionable for Christmas, because there are so many travel deals on offer, plus it’s a city that has a special charm and people from the Balearic Islands love the art, shopping and culture," he adds.

Demand is also growing for European river cruises, especially on the Danube and the Rhine.

River cruises are more popular in the Spring and they cost around 1,700 euros per person,” says Mulet. “This change in trend is very positive, because apart from trips to the mainland or other islands, Balearic outbound tourism has practically disappeared,” says Mulet.

Aviba has also criticised the delay in reactivating Imserso travel for the elderly and called for it to be done immediately.