Lack of demand means that hotels close by the end of October. | Archive


Average hotel occupancy in Mallorca in September was 70%. The Mallorca Hoteliers Federation says that this occupancy was achieved thanks to the favourable response of the German market and, "ultimately", the British market. In certain parts of the island, this average occupancy was exceeded - Alcudia and Can Picafort, Cala Moreia, Colonia Sant Jordi and Soller.

Over the course of September, 6.5% of hotels closed. During the first fortnight of October, 5.1% are scheduled to close, with this figure rising to 46.5% in the second half of the month. Taking account of the 12.8% of hotels that haven't opened at all this year, 70.9% of hotels will be closed at the start of November.

The federation notes that the German market has "clearly" been the one that has shown the greatest loyalty to Mallorca. The Spanish market, despite all the possibilities for travel on the mainland, has gained strength on the island. This has been a trend over previous years.

The French has been "the revelation market", surpassing the figures of recent years. The British market has been the one to have responded the slowest, due to "to the decisions and limitations of its government, which were finally relaxed".

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As to the Scandinavian market, this has "practically disappeared", with the exception of the Danes. This is one of the markets that usually has the highest tourist spending. "We have to work to recover them."

The federation believes that health stability, measures implemented to provide security, and the communication of these "have been key to generating trust and achieving these results".

The president of the Association of Hotel Chains, Gabriel Llobera, says that - just like any normal year - the season will be drawing to a close at the end of October "mainly because there isn't the demand". As this is normal, the hopes of an extension to the season are questionable. There will obviously be hotels open in November, although these will include ones that then close during the course of the month.

* The 70% average occupancy in September contrasts with a figure of around 85% in seasons prior to the pandemic.