Harpooned fish. | CAIB

A Palma restaurant is in big trouble after Inspectors from the General Directorate of Fisheries and Med Marí from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food, discovered harpooned fish from underwater fishing on the premises.

Inspectors say they found a black chop, a bream, a beaked bream, two groupers, a corballo and two buds, which had been harpooned with a speargun and had entry and exit wounds and that two of the groupers and a seabream were smaller than the statutory size at less than 45 centimetres.

Breaking the maritime fishing, shellfish farming and aquaculture laws in the Balearic Islands is considered very serious and the restaurant could be fined up to 30,000 euros for each infringement.

The health of the fish could not be guaranteed so it couldn’t be given to charity and was destroyed at the restaurant.