"Botellón" street drinking is banned. | Click


Ten years ago, community service was included as an alternative to fines for breaches of Palma's bylaw on the use of public spaces. However, it is still not possible to apply community service in cases of antisocial behaviour, such as botellón street drinking.

This is now about to change, the public security department at the town hall saying that it is working on a new regulatory provision. Although included in the bylaw, it has not been acted upon because legal services at the town hall came up against technical difficulties to do with regulatory definition.

Community service has been adopted by various cities in Spain. One of these is Bilbao, which has pointed to the benefits of a programme designed to "redirect the behaviour" of young people who are issued with penalties for the botellón or vandalism. The service in Bilbao can include taking part in campaigns to raise awareness of the harmful impact of their behaviour or assisting the elderly.

Fines in Palma range from 100 euros to 3,000 euros for the most serious offences.