Good levels of occupancy in high summer. | Maria Nadal


The federation of associations of tourist holiday stays, ETV, reports there having been occupancy of 87% in July and August. For the seven months of the season - April to October - occupancy was 48.6%, 25% higher than in 2020.

The president of the federation, Jordi Cerdó, says that occupancy in coastal areas was superior to that in the interior. He notes that owners need 65% occupancy in order to cover costs.

The federation comprises some 1,500 owners with around 16,000 properties that have a total of 120,000 accommodation places. This year, practically all the properties were available, which wasn't the case in 2020. Of the other months of the season, average occupancy was only some three per cent in April and May. This went up to 29% in June. In September it was 67%, while this month it has been 65%.

Cerdó adds that prospects for 2022 are good and that bookings are already being received, with some for 2023 as well. He anticipates average occupancy of 80%. "Tourists want to come and enjoy our island."