A sense of comparative tourism normality in Palma. | Jaume Morey


With National Day falling on a Tuesday, there has been the perfect opportunity for an extended weekend break. The first public holiday for many months to be celebrated with an air of comparative normality, it has attracted national tourists to Mallorca, the number of visitors swollen by German holidaymakers in particular - the autumn school holidays last until early next month, depending on state.

The influx of visitors has been most observable in Palma, and not only because of the cruise ship arrivals that are returning to something like they were pre-Covid. Javier Vich, president of the Palma and Cala Mayor hoteliers association, says: "Average occupancy in urban and boutique hotels in the city is 80%, but many boutique hotels are currently registering 100% due to the great demand from foreign markets. The revitalisation of Palma is a fact and everything indicates that we are returning to normality.

"In October we will have the same average occupancy that was registered in October 2019 - 75%. It is the first month in which the indicators have not decreased, as figures this year have been negative compared to the year before the pandemic."

In Playa de Palma, the benefits are being felt. At one hotel, the Riu Concordia, occupancy is one hundred per cent and is expected to remain like this until Sunday.

The Zafiro Palma Marathon, which took place at the weekend, brought some 20,000 visitors to the city. A major conference for the health sector has attracted over 5,000 participants from the mainland. These are other factors that have contributed to the sense that tourism is regaining normality.

Javier Vich concludes: "Everything helps, and this explains why Palma is one of the most popular tourist destinations for this bridge holiday."

And to all of this, it might be added that the weather is currently fantastic.