Young woman being vaccinated. archive photo. | EFE


An increasing number of people in the Balearic Islands who are under the age of 40 are getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

286,502 under 40’s were immunised in the last month and almost 1,000 got their jabs on Wednesday alone.

““In the last month there has been a slight increase in vaccinations in the under 40 age group,” said a Ministry of Health spokesperson. “More people usually get vaccinated on Wednesdays, which is when health centres offer the first dose of the vaccine without a prior appointment.”

The Ministry of Health says there could be several reasons why so many under 40s are getting vaccinated now.

"We cannot attribute them to a single cause, but the requirement of a Covid Certificate to enter discos could be one of the reasons. It’s also possible that some people postponed vaccination until the tourist season ended or were away on business trips or on holiday,” they said. “The important thing is that more people are getting immunised every day and we encourage anyone who’s not already vaccinated to get their jabs as soon as possible.”