Rain on its way to Mallorca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The weather in Mallorca will change in the next few hours, as an Atlantic squall will bring rain and temperatures will drop between 6º and 7º.

The deputy spokesman for the Aemet in the Balearic Islands, Bernat Amengual, has specified that the front will enter the island later tomorrow afternoon and forecast that heavy rainfall is expected tonight. During the day, the maximum temperatures will continue to be high, reaching 25º-27º; the normal temperature for this time of year is 23º.

This Friday will start with showers, which may be locally heavy in the morning and be accompanied by thunderstorms; Amengual has pointed out that there will not be widespread rainfall, but isolated. Temperatures will drop between 6º and 7º, the maximum temperatures will not exceed 21º-22º. Thus, they will be slightly below normal.

Friday afternoon will tend to improve and no rain forecast. Minimum temperatures will be around 15º-16º, while 14º-15º is the norm for mid-October.

On Saturday, the situation is expected to be much more stable, with no rain forecast, although some cloudy intervals are expected. Maximum temperatures will remain around 21º-22º.

"We are facing a typically autumnal weekend", summarised the deputy spokesman.