Another month until December 8; further extensions likely. | Daniel Espinosa


The Balearic government has asked the Balearic High Court for an extension to the current requirement to produce the Digital Covid Certificate as a means of gaining entrance to clubs and discos. This measure was introduced on October 8 and was for a month. The government wants an extension of one month and has made the request to the high court now so that there is sufficient time for this to be considered before the current court authorisation expires.

Explaining this request on Friday, government spokesperson Iago Negueruela said that the government considers the certificate requirement to be "important" in keeping nightlife establishments open and with "many health security guarantees". It is a measure that is "serving its purpose", he stressed.

The minister added that maximum capacity in these establishments is 75%. Customers must wear masks when not drinking and they have to remain seated when drinking. The maximum closing time is 5 am, except in municipalities where closing times are earlier.