Local opposition to the project was swift to form. | Son Bonet Verd


The government's industry council is opposed to the creation of a photovoltaic park on land at Son Bonet.

This project has caused a good deal of controversy ever since the airports authority Aena announced its intention to devote part of the Son Bonet aerodrome land to a solar energy scheme. On Thursday, the industry council turned it down, citing "social rejection" and the absence of any "compensatory measure" and added value that would qualify it as a "strategic industrial project".

The minister of energy transition, the vice-president Juan Pedro Yllanes, notes that there needs to be the "highest possible consensus" for projects of this type. In this particular case, there have been over 1,500 submissions opposing it.

The airports authority says that it has no formal knowledge of the council's decision and that, regardless of it not having been declared a strategic industrial project, will continue with the necessary administrative processing.

Aena first announced its plan in February 2020. It involved the installation of 32,318 solar panels on twenty hectares of land. A local pressure group opposed to the project - Plataforma Son Bonet Pulmó Verd - was formed. Environmentalist groups, certain political parties, and Marratxi town hall all supported this "green lung" platform and expressed their opposition as well.