Grupo II Officers in Palma. | Alex Sepúlveda


Police made a spectacular breakthrough when they carried out drug raids in the Verge de Lluc neighbourhood of Palma on Wednesday and arrested 4 people linked to the Los Valencianos clan.

They discovered money, more than 600 grams of drugs and they also found a dataphone.

Gypsy clans in Son Banya and Verge de Lluc have allegedly been arranging for customers to pay for drugs through a Point of Sale terminal, which is managed through a mobile App.

The buyers allegedly deposit money for cocaine and heroin in a bank account in Ireland or another foreign country, which is linked to dataphone.

The drug traffickers have a bank card for the account and can withdraw funds at any ATM on the Island without raising suspicion or alerting the Spanish tax authorities.

Investigators are analysing transfers made via the account and following the money trail to find out how many sales were made.