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Hospitals in the Balearic Islands are making contingency plans to cope with a flu epidemic and Covid-19 at the same time.

IB-Salut says escalation and de-escalation plans will be determined by the epidemiological situation in hospitals.

Hospital Contingency plans have not been activated yet, because there are no cases of flu that require admission and the number of beds occupied by Covid patients is relatively low, but flu infections usually start to multiply in early January and peak mid-month.

Last year, there were hardly any cases of flu because of the Covid restrictions, but people are free move around more this year.

Risk groups are already being vaccinated and the Health Department is advising people to make an appointment to get their flu vaccination by calling 971 211 998.

People in their 70s and anyone over the age of 65 who had the Janssen vaccine for Covid-19 can get their flu jab and the Covid booster at the same time.

At the weekend another 20 people were admitted to hospital with coronavirus, taking the total to 71. ICU occupancy is at 7.9% and remains at low risk.

At this time last year, when there were Covid restrictions in place and no vaccine was available, there were 52 patients in the ICU and 237 on the Covid ward.

Son Llàtzer Hospital says its contingency plans for the next few months include: adding more beds when needed; transferring patients with a medium-stay profile to Joan March Hospital and arranging extra beds with the Red Cross, Sant Joan de Déu and private clinics.

If the contingency plan is activated, scheduled surgeries will have to be reviewed and adapted each week to meet the need for beds.

Active coronavirus cases increased by more than 300 last weekend and 2,344 Covid patients are receiving Primary Care, which is 300 more than on Friday and confirms an increase in active cases.

In the last three days, 402 new coronavirus positives have been reported and the cumulative incidence in the Balearic Islands now stands at 167.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14, which is a slightly lower than two days ago.