The neighbourhood police service was reintroduced earlier this year. | Archive


Palma's councillor for citizen security, Joana Maria Adrover, has announced that there are to be two neighbourhood police officers in the districts of Son Gotleu, Son Roca, Verge de Lluc and Camp Redó. There is currently one officer. These four districts will join Pere Garau and La Soledat, which have had two officers since the neighbourhood police scheme was reactivated in February this year.

Palma will therefore have 59 and not 55 neighbourhood police officers, the increase being a result of the recruitment of 101 new police officers for different divisions of the local police force.

In making the announcement, Adrover also outlined the main requests made to the police in each district. In the centre, the chief concerns are control of street musicians; compliance with bylaws regarding occupation of the public way, e.g. bar terraces; and the control of personal mobility vehicles (PMVs) and bicycles.

In the Playa de Palma district, PMVs such as scooters are a concern, especially on the Paseo del Molinar. In Llevant, the issues are squatting and the consequences of absenteeism from one particular school.

In the Nord district, there is also emphasis on the control of PMVs, while drug dealing in Son Roca, La Vileta and Son Cotoner is high on the list of residents' concerns.