Andratx - the desire is for all-year tourism. | P. F.

The opposition Partido Popular in Andratx have expressed their disagreement with the decision to participate in the Interior Tourism Fair in Valladolid to the detriment of parts of the municipality that attract most tourists, such as Camp de Mar. The PP have described this as "tourismphobic".

The tourism councillor, Tomeu Bosch of Més, has decided not to put promotional emphasis on sun-and-beach tourism and to focus instead on other attractions for national and foreign visitors, such as hiking, cycling and gastronomy.

Stressing that Andratx has suffered because of the pandemic and also highlighting the diversity for tourists in the municipality, Estefanía Gonzalvo of the PP says that this decision is typical of Més. Former PP mayor, Jaume Porsell, believes that the left-wing pact would prefer "not to have tourism" on the island.

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Bosch, convinced that his approach will bring the most benefits to the municipality, has needed to hold an emergency meeting with the president of the Camp de Mar, Puerto Andratx and Sant Elm hoteliers. He expressed his desire for all-year tourism, arguing that - in the current context - priority should be given to alternatives to sun and beach.