The Balearics the tourism leader for the first ten months of the year. | Toni Planells

In October, the Balearics attracted 1,009,908 foreign tourists and spending of 1,113 million euros.

The Frontur survey of foreign tourist movements indicates that the Balearics had the largest share of the foreign tourist market in October - 19.7% - while the Canaries ranked first in terms of spending. The Egatur survey of tourist spending shows 1,253 million euros in the Canaries, 22.4% of the national total. The Balearics had 19.9%.

Comparisons with 2020 are not especially relevant because of the very low tourist activity, but by comparison with 2019, October foreign tourist numbers in the Balearics were down 17.5% and spending by 14%.

The main supplier markets were Germany (409,279 visitors) and the UK with 181,892. Average spending per tourist was 1,102 euros, while average daily spending was 156 euros.

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Over the first ten months of the year, the Balearics attracted 6.1 million foreign tourists, more than any other region. The Balearics also had the most tourist spending - 6,982 million euros, a quarter of the national total.