Palma nightclub. archive photo. | S.Cases/Pere Bota

The National Federation of Leisure and Entertainment Entrepreneurs, or Spain by Night is demanding that the Covid Passport be mandatory in all the Autonomous Communities before Christmas.

Spain by Night is asking that Regional and Central Governments agree nationwide criteria for Covid Passport use in order to guarantee legal security and make the rules the same in all regions.

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The National Employer's Association of regulated nightlife says the most important thing to do to combat coronavirus is expand the vaccination campaign by finding ways to motivate the public, and particularly young people to get vaccinated. It’s hoped that making the Covid Passport mandatory for entry to leisure venues, culture, shows and large capacity catering establishments will do just that.

"The ability to react in the run up to Christmas will help to save lives and protect the economy of the Sector, which was deeply affected by the pandemic,” said Spain by Night who stressed that it is essential to use whatever tools are available to encourage vaccination and protect the economic activity of SMEs, discos and concert halls, which have racked up losses of more than 500,000 euros each over the last 20 months.

Spain by Night has said its premises can be used as vaccination centres and for awareness campaigns about the importance of wearing face masks and getting vaccinated.