Customer showing Covid Passport in Palma.

Customer showing Covid Passport in Palma.

09-12-2021Remo Casilli

​The new resolution ​that ​was enforced last week ma​de Covid Passports mandatory for entry to “catering establishments” with capacity for more than 50 people, a legal category which does not include bars and cafés even though they serve food and that has caused no end of confusion.

But, bars and cafés with lower capacity also have the right to demand that customers show their Covid Certificate to prove that they’re fully vaccinated, if they wish.

The Balearic Government has made it clear that any breach of the new restrictions will not be tolerated and warned that eliminating tables in order to claim restaurants have less than 50 diners is not acceptable.


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Rich / Hace about 1 month

Let's face it a large bar taking its tables out thus creating more space between its customers is clearly an increase in the possibility of transmission, wasn't table distancing part of an earlier government law? On another issue, I'm unvaccinated and I have a condition that requires constant medication, via my medical card I get a substantial discount on my medical. I wonder how long it will be before this card is taken from me until I get vaccinated?