Luis Rubiales, Royal Balearic Football Federation President. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


A 36-year-old Senegalese woman has been arrested in Palma for the alleged fraud of hundreds of thousands of euros.

An investigation was launched just over a month ago after the Royal Balearic Football Federation and the Athletic Club filed complaints with National Police in Madrid and Bilbao.

They discovered an alleged fraud which is known to Officers as the CEO scam, through which a hacker intercepts people’s emails and impersonates them.

The suspect allegedly hacked the email account of the football club manager and obtained several files, including a 460,242 euro invoice that the Federation was due to pay to the Bilbao Club. The suspect allegedly modified the invoice and asked the RFEF to deposit the money into an account that did not belong to the Balbao Club and money was transferred.

The bank managed to recover the money and the account was traced to Palma where the woman was charged and released.

Investigators suspect that more people were involved in the scam and say more arrests may follow.