EasyJet could be hit by strike action. | Archive


Four unions - CCOO, CSPA, UGT and USO - have called two days of strike action involving employees of the state-run Enaire air navigation company and the workforce at the Región de Murcia International Airport.

The strike, scheduled for December 23 and 26, relates to pay agreements that came into force in 2019 but which were then not applied to Enaire personnel or the workforce in Murcia specifically. Employees of the airports authority, Aena, received the pay they were due in 2020, again with the exception of those in Murcia.

If the strike goes ahead, it will affect all Spain's airports and not only Murcia, as Enaire personnel are responsible for air traffic control.

Meanwhile, the CCOO and the UGT have called an indefinite strike at easyJet and Menzies Aviation Ibérica every Friday and Saturday from December 17 for "violation of labour and union rights". These refer to layoffs about which, the unions say, there was no dialogue.

The unions have observed that Javier Gandara, CEO of easyJet in Spain and Portugal and also the president of the Airlines Association in Spain, has "totally disappeared during the most serious crisis in the entire history of the sector". This leads them to believe that the attitude towards workforces and unions is not something specific but is a "very calculated" trend.