No barbecues for the January fiestas. | Archive


The latest measures to be adopted by the Balearic government have focused on festive season and fiesta celebrations. Mallorca, as with Minorca and Ibiza, is at health alert level three, and this will mean - among other things - a ban on barbecues for fiestas. Outdoor areas for eating and drinking will also not be permitted.

Palma town hall had already taken the decision to ban barbecues for the Sant Sebastià fiestas party night. The intention had been to allow barbecues on other nights, with town hall authorisation, but this will no longer be the case. As well as Sant Sebastià, the ban on barbecues will affect the Sant Antoni fiestas and the Sant Honorat fiestas in Algaida and Sant Julià fiestas in Campos.

For mass events, such as demons' dances and concerts, these will have to be held in designated areas with guaranteed access controls. Entrance and exit must be in an "orderly fashion" with different entry and exit points. Those attending will have to be seated and mask-wearing will be obligatory.

Arta and Pollensa town halls are two which have already made decisions, Arta having called off the Sant Antoni fiestas completely and Pollensa having cancelled the pine climb in the Plaça Vella.

For processions and parades, which will therefore include the Three Kings' parades, safe distancing will need to be ensured. It is recommended that routes are extended in order to try and avoid overcrowding.

For religious celebrations, people will have to remain seated and wear a mask. There will need to be separate entrance and exit points, and maximum capacities will have to be adhered to.