Clubs could be closed down if Covid rules aren't observed to the letter. | Freepik


The Balearic government is warning the nightlife sector that it will adopt tough measures, including the closure of all clubs, if non-compliance with Covid regulations persists.

Following a Monday meeting with police and nightlife sector representatives, the government announced that a special inspection plan is to be launched. The government expressed its regret that "the efforts of the vast majority of businesspeople can be neutralised by the irresponsibility of a few". Sanctions are to be applied to establishments where regulations have not been complied with.

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For the New Year weekend, the special plan will be coordinated by the government's emergencies department with Palma and Calvia police, the national government delegation and the tourism ministry and Council of Mallorca inspectorates. There will be "intense surveillance of establishments where there is the greatest concentration of people". Meanwhile, the government wanted to "thank the vast majority of the public for respecting protection standards that are helping us to resist this pandemic".

For the government, there have been some "intolerable" examples over the past few days. The nightlife employers association (ABONE) has been informed of the government's concern regarding the actions of some of its representatives that have put public health at risk. At the meeting on Monday was the president of ABONE, Miguel Pérez Marsá, as well as the director of BCM in Magalluf, Jaime Lladó.

The meeting was called after images appeared on social media of "worrying" breaches of current regulations - lack of distance and not wearing masks, for instance - in various clubs in Mallorca.