Both Selva and Manacor are committed to creating fairs dedicated to science fiction, role-playing games, video games, cosplay and comics, among other hobbies that have nothing to do with traditional shows. In the photo, the first Frikyday of Selva. | Lola olmo


The Government has approved the calendar of fairs and markets for 2022 with a total of 60 fairs across the municipalities throughout the year, while in Palma only the Fira de Son Ferriol is scheduled for the last weekend of March.

In addition to the traditional events held on Mallorca, some municipalities have created new single-themed events to boost the local economy by attracting a new audience.

Selva is one of the municipalities that will premiere two new events, if the health crisis allows it. The first is a cycling fair that would take place the last week of March with its central event being a new cycling race to be held on March 27. "This race consists of going up and down the Lluc road -from Caimari to the Coll de sa Batalla- and the winner will be the one who manages to do it the most times in a specific time; it is an idea that combines tourism and sport and will give a boost to the municipality just before the start of the high season," says the mayor of Selva, Joan Rotger.

In addition, Selva plans to repeat on April 24 the Frikyday, an event with cosplay, role-playing games, etc., the first edition of which took place last November in the sports pavilion. Finally, the Town Hall also wants to premiere a wine and gastronomy fair in Biniamar on May 8 in the Esglèsia Vella, in addition to continuing with the traditional fairs of Sa Creu, ses Herbes and s'Oliva.

Manacor is another municipality that is committed to expanding its local fairs with two new events. In fact, the first fair of the 2022 calendar will be a new food fair with local and organic products in Manacor.

Another a new fair, Freak Manacor, on May 7 and 8, will be dedicated to cosplay, video games, comics, arcade machines, consoles, etc. "In Manacor there is a lot of freak culture and stores dedicated to it, but there is no event for this niche audience," adds Councilman of Fairs, Carles Grimalt. The Town Hall of Manacor plans to rotate the location of each event in its different avenues and urban spaces.