Testing in Menorca

A lot of people are doing their own tests.

31-12-2021Josep Bagur Gomila

Daniel Ruiz, professor of mathematics at the University of the Balearic Islands, is forecasting that there will be between 3,000 and 4,000 cases of coronavirus per day next week. Javier Arranz, spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, agrees that this is possible, the forecast based on current data, which have seen daily numbers climb to around 2,000.

Arranz believes that many cases are going undetected, as people who are asymptomatic don't know that they have the disease. Many people are, however, taking antigen tests before meeting up with family and friends. Although the Omicron variant is less virulent and the vaccine has contributed to reducing symptoms, the fact that infections have multiplied exponentially is translating into an increase in pressure on the health service, although not in the same proportions as a year ago - it is being felt by primary care far more than in hospitals.

He doesn't expect the full impact of the holiday period to be reflected in the data until the second or third week of January.

Meanwhile, specialist in public health and preventive medicine, Joan Carles March, argues that the rising number of cases "will force us to take measures to limit mobility and interactions". He is advocating working from home as much as possible and scrapping upcoming celebrations, e.g. the Kings parades. He also feels that it would be desirable to limit mobility by reintroducing a curfew.


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Chris / Hace 27 days

To quote Jeremy Clarkson, ‘ put the scientists back in their box’. I personally believe strongly in science and vaccines but this variant is virulent yet not particularly bad, so let it run riot and shield the vulnerable otherwise what is the end game?


Stephen / Hace 27 days

Can anyone explain why having a curfew will in any way stop the spread of an airborne virus?


Jerry / Hace 27 days

So - the covid pass worked out pretty well? :-/

Further, other scientists argue to just let this run it's course to build a TRUE herd immunity among the population as quickly as possible to avoid variants. This is our blessing in disguise. Considering the lack of hospitalizations and primary care taking the most of this - let's educate people on what they should do at home instead of calling primary! This could finally be the end to this if we don't mess it up with draconian laws that didn't work in the past.