Intensive care in Mallorca

On Wednesday, there were 72 Covid patients in intensive care units in the Balearics.

06-01-2022Teresa Ayuga

According to Paco Albertí, the IB-Salut deputy director of hospital care, some 70% of Covid patients currently being admitted to intensive care units in the Balearics are not vaccinated. The figure fluctuates but is in a range of 60% to 70%.

Albertí is urging people to get vaccinated, as there is greater risk of hospitalisation among those who don't have vaccine protection. He says that people aged 60 to 70 who are not vaccinated have a 20 times higher risk of ending up in ICU. "The vaccine is protecting in an amazing way."

As to why 30-40% of ICU admissions are people who have been vaccinated, he explains that the vast majority of them have comorbidities (two or more diseases).

The age of ICU patients has come down - typically between 40 and 60 - and many of them are not vaccinated. There are, he adds, fewer patients on respirators than previously. This is due to the effects of the vaccine and because Omicron, as has been the experience so far, is less virulent.

Specialist in public health and preventive medicine, Joan Carles March, explains that there are three studies which show that vaccination or previous infection generate cellular immunity against serious Omicron disease (even when the antibodies decline over the months). "Protection against infection declines over the months after the last dose. The fall is different depending on the type of vaccine, but everything suggests that the booster dose should be accelerated because of Omicron."

The vaccines were based on the original Wuhan strain. By the time that Omicron emerged towards the end of 2021, there had been fifty mutations. "Even so, three doses of vaccine manage to protect up to 90% against hospitalisation due to Omicron." "It is essential that the population is vaccinated with the first and second doses and also with the booster dose."


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Cat / Hace 15 days

Dear Majorca Daily Bulletin Reporter, Do the unvaccinated people in ICU also have comorbidities or are they all otherwise fit, healthy people? You only mentioned the comorbidities of the vaccinated patients. Maybe the omission was accidental and we can soon expect that important bit of information as we know that a percentage of unvaccinated people are exempt from the drug due to severe medical issues. Thanks in advance for clarifying.


Ben / Hace 16 days

I've had Covid recently, nothing a few pills and some good rest can't fix for most. And I'm still required to have 3 doses of a man-made virus? No chance.


Fred / Hace 16 days

This can't be true as it doesn't fit the Ryan, Variant and James narrative. Must be fake news!


James / Hace 16 days

Why is it essential to have vaccines, when you have fully recovered from Covid? They have better immunity than anybody vaccinated. Makes no sense to take something your body doesn't need and has fought off once and would easily do again. This is not an anti vax comment just a fact.


Jerry / Hace 16 days

40% vaccinated in ICU is not a number to claim victory on. That being said, as I've been trying to say since the beginning - let's focus on those with co-morbidities and the at-risk population. His quote "It is essential that the population is vaccinated" is incorrect in messaging and missing a very important work of "at risk population". If they would just be hyper focused on the PROBLEM (IE ICU, death) which is of a small segment and let those who have extra fears, it would be much more manageable - and realistic.


Stephen / Hace 16 days

Paco Albertí gives some vague unsubstantiated numbers and it is reported as fact, without question, yet again.