Protest against Covid regulations in Palma, Mallorca

The protest on Saturday.

15-01-2022Teresa Ayuga

More than a thousand people have taken part in a protest in Palma on Saturday against Covid health regulations.

Organised by Baleares Acción, the protest started at midday with a gathering in Parc de la Mar. There was then a march to Plaça Espanya. Slogans included "freedom, freedom", "don't touch the children", and "television, manipulation".

Among other things, protesters voiced their opposition to the Covid passport for entering bars, restaurants and other premises, a requirement condemned as being "health dictatorship".


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Juan / Hace 8 days



Ana / Hace 8 days

Happy to see that people are starting to wake up and stand up against this new totalitarian society!!!

Jaqueline - have you not read ANY clinical studies ? It’s proven that vaccinated people spread almost just as much as a non vaccinated person. Also no matter if you are vaccinated or not - it’s a person who is sick with Covid that could spread the virus - not a healthy person. So if people just use their common sense and stay home when they feel ill and have a cold, plus take care of their general health (always!!)) with healthy food, exercise, vitamin D etc etc - there would be NO need of a vaccine passport! So far approx 0,0018% have died due to Covid in Spain. Why don’t you google the percentages of how many people die EVERY YEAR due to cancer and cardiovascular disease?!!! Far more people die from cardiovascular disease and cancer - that is something we should really worry about!!!!


dmartinfpro / Hace 8 days

Science says they're stupid and as Forrest Gump said 'Stupid people are who do stupid things'.


Mark / Hace 9 days

Wow, more than a 1.000 people. Great turn out.......NOT.


JACQUELINE / Hace 9 days

I hop We/You the Goverment WILL continue with the Covid Passports..I for one WANT to enter a Bar or Resturante WITH some CALM and KNOWLAGE that i am SAFE has NOTHING to do MANIPULATION OR DICTATORSHIP....its all about YOURS/MY HEALTH AND ALL OUR SAFTY..think about THAT...!!! AND YOUR CHILDREN...!!!


Rich / Hace 9 days

Covid has now become a psychologically trendy disease to have. The slightest hint of a symptom and off they run to hospital, convinced they are going to die. If they don't then they can brag to their friends about how they 'beat' covid.


Sail / Hace 9 days

Fantastic People, I am proud and sorry I couldn't join due to work but I support you 2000%.. my daughter before Xmas could attend athletics now after Xmas is not allowed due to some second class citizen pass they call a covid pass. To avoid sickness and illness stay healthy, eat well, sleep and stay positive yet a pass is needed to enter an outdoors athletics that nobody really is in close quarters and kids now required to have a pass. This is sickening and media are not pushing back for our basic freedoms and for the CHILDREN our future. shame on media for not asking questions. this is the 1940's fascist times, there is no scientific proof passes stop anything, you still catch and spread covid with vaccines FACT. im not antivax, I've had many in my life, I am prochoice and its not my business what you do with your body as long as you dont Bother me. No Surrender to fascism as this is what it is


Fred / Hace 9 days

An Island saturated with Covid Viruses will receive NO TOURISTS. NO BUSINESS. NO WORK. NO MONEY etc.


Rich / Hace 9 days

As a matter of interest, in the 9yrs leading up to 2020 the average crude death rate was 7.03. In 2020 it was 7.04.