Around a third of people are testing positive at present. | Miquel À. Cañellas

From 5pm on Friday, the Balearic health service, IB-Salut, will have a web facility for the self-management of sick leave because of Covid. This will mean that primary care will not be overloaded by the number of daily positives and will generate sick leave of at least seven days, which is the required period of self-isolation.

Eugenia Carandell, the director health care, said on Friday that the system will automatically sign people off work. It must be specified where a positive test was done, and there will then be an email with the sick leave notice for companies. A text message will also follow. "People will no longer have to go to health centres, to a doctor, or to the company to show anything."

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The system will also generate the discharge - signing off sick leave. If the symptoms persist after the seven days, there will be a phone number for making contact with a doctor who can authorise an extension.

From next Monday, Carandell added, 160 pharmacies will be available for tests, if people wish to choose this option. These will be listed on the website.