The current deadline for the Covid passport to be needed is February 28. | Pilar Pellicer

Balearic government spokesperson Iago Negueruela said on Monday that February 28 was the deadline approved by the Balearic High Court for the latest extension to the Covid passport requirement, but that this didn't mean that the requirement could not be dropped before then.

Negueruela explained that the government, employers groups, unions and health experts will be analysing the possibility of withdrawing the need for the Covid passport before February 28. When the high court was asked for the extension, the request included this possibility.

The opposition Partido Popular has demanded that the need for the passport should be scrapped this week. Responding to this, Negueruela stressed that it was a measure that had been requested by employers. They will therefore be consulted about dropping it.

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The minister concluded that the Covid passport "has been positive and has helped to promote vaccination". As to a meeting to discuss its withdrawal, he noted that, in principle, one hasn't been scheduled for this week.

Also on Monday, the Inter-Territorial Council for the National Health System met to approve the ending of the obligatory wearing of masks outdoors and to recommend their use where there are crowds and safe distance cannot be respected. Regarding this decision, Negueruela said that the Balearics have demonstrated consensus on mask-wearing with the other regions. He reiterated the importance of decisions being agreed by the Inter-Territorial Council of regional health ministers.

Negueruela pointed out that "all the measures have been temporary". "The health experts set out the measures and we have always respected these."