The stabbing was outside the Hotel Playa Sol. | Laura Becerra


A 22-year-old woman has been remanded in custody by a court in Palma following her arrest for having stabbed a man she mistook for being a police officer.

Around 4.30am on Friday last week, the woman and three others (two men and one woman) entered the Hotel Playa Sol in Arenal. She went to the receptionist, who was also the bar manager, and asked for a room. She was told that there weren't any available rooms, at which point an argument broke out with the hotel worker and a hotel guest who was at the bar.

The woman thought the guest was a police officer and blamed him for the hotel not giving them a room. She swore at him and told him that they were going to kill him.

The receptionist asked them to leave, and the argument between the group of four and the guest continued in the street. He was stabbed in his left side. Back inside the hotel, his shirt was found to be covered in blood. The receptionist called the National Police.

While officers were speaking to the guest, the woman returned to the hotel. She asked the guest: "What are you saying? That it was your fault they didn't give us a room?". The officers wanted to know why there were traces of blood on her hand. She confessed to having stabbed the guest.