Town hall and Council of Mallorca representatives in Llubi on Thursday. | MDB

At the theatre in Llubi on Thursday evening, there was a presentation for the three million euros that are to be invested in the creation and promotion of the 'Pla de Mallorca' sustainable tourism destination brand.

Pla de Mallorca is the Plain region of the island, and fourteen municipalities comprise the region's 'Mancomunitat', a grouping of town halls for the sharing of resources and projects. The sustainable tourism destination brand is one of these projects.

Representatives from the town halls and the Council of Mallorca were at the presentation. The Council's president, Catalina Cladera, outlined the type of initiatives that can be financed; the money is coming from European Next Generation funds.

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The mayor of Lloret de Vistalegre, Antoni Bennasar, spoke for other mayors in highlighting the advantages of a joint promotion for the whole region. "This will bring quality and sustainable tourism to the inland municipalities."

Xisca Mora, the mayor of Porreres, said: "We have been pointing out for a long time that not everything is on the coast and that the inland villages have cultural, ethnological and gastronomic heritage to offer. We need this aid in order to promote it."

Pep Lluís Urraca, the deputy mayor of Santa Eugenia, noted that much remains to be done in defining the specific projects. While the funding is there, the EU sets deadlines for it to be used. Nevertheless, he stressed that "we are very content, many things can be done".