Going home to fight Russians. Photo: Ultima hora.

Taras Ostapchuk, the Ukrainian engineer, who allegedly tried to sink the Russian-owned yacht where he worked, left Mallorca this afternoon bound for Ukraine where he intends to take up arms against the Russian invaders, according to an interview with our sister newspaper, Ultima Hora. He was arrested by the Guardia Civil but later released.

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Taras was so horrified by a missile attack on an apartment building in his home country by Russian forces, that he attempted to sink the yacht, Lady Anastasia in Puerto Adriano, which is reputedly owned by a Russian arms dealer. He allegedly opened various valves aboard the yacht which is valued at more than seven million euros. The yacht suffered severe damage to its engine room.

"The missile hit an apartment block very similar to the one where I live in Ukraine," he told our sister newspaper. He went on to say that after seeing this he decided to take his revenge on the Russian owner of the vessel where has has worked for the last 10 years. Later today he will board a flight for Poland and then on to Ukraine.