Iago Negueruela, who will face strong opposition in parliament on Wednesday. | Cati Cladera


Full sessions of the Balearic parliament are normally held on Tuesdays. Because of Balearics Day, this week's session is on Wednesday. Heading the agenda is a vote on the tourism decree law. Parliament is expected to approve the decree, but opposition parties will not be giving their support.

Tourism minister Iago Negueruela has accepted that there have been "tensions" but that there is now agreement on the decree's content "letter by letter and comma by comma".

On Monday, he said that he couldn't understand the opposition's position - "radically against the law". He was especially critical of the Partido Popular, who say "no" to everything; they have not negotiated previous tourism-related laws.

Negueruela pointed to tourism industry improvements - for labour, from circularity and modernisation, and through the blocking of new accommodation places. The PP, he said, is against agreements reached with unions and business. "Such strong opposition is not a good idea."

The PP's deputy parliamentary spokesperson, Núria Riera, reiterated the party's criticism of this being law "by decree". She wondered what happens "in the minister's offices", given the changes of view by the hoteliers federation. For Riera, it is "unacceptable" that the government says that it will not accept changes during the parliamentary process.

Patricia Guasp of Ciudadanos wants the decree withdrawn because of the "outrage" at some of its content. It would be positive, she said on Monday, if consensus could be reached with the tourism industry. The Cs will vote against the decree, as it is "imposition", contains "prohibitions" and favours "suspension as a form of regulation".

El Pi will also vote against, as the decree leaves the legality of 90,000 holiday rental places up in the air and does not cover hotel change of use.