The new tourism law will affect holiday rentals. | Archive

The Habtur holiday rentals association in the Balearics estimates that the holiday rentals sector invests more than 80 million euros each year in a diverse range of activities related to property maintenance.

In addition to the revenue that is directly generated by visitors, the association stated on Tuesday that the sector contributes to an improvement of the Balearic Islands' general economy, given that 95% of it consists of small and medium-sized businesses.

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Habtur has drawn attention to electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, painters, carpenters, gardeners and local product companies, among others, who "will see their incomes decrease as a result of the restrictions imposed by the government" in the new tourism law. The government should therefore take into account that holiday rental not only benefits shops and restaurants, but also a wide range of businesses.

Owners of holiday homes, Habtur stresses, make annual improvements to their properties. This in itself represents a significant injection into the economy.

Habtur, which fundamentally disagrees with the law's four-year moratorium on new accommodation places, explains that holiday homes in the Balearics are on average available for between five and ten years. After this time, there isn't the possibility for accommodation places to be exchanged.