A meeting with Bravo Tours in Oslo. | Consell de Mallorca


The Council of Mallorca reports there having been an "excellent reception" for last week's tourism promotion initiative in Scandinavian countries.

The Council's director for tourism promotion, Lucía Escribano, the manager of the Mallorca Transport Consortium, Maarten van Bemmelen, and the president of the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation, Maria Frontera, held meetings with tour operators and the media in Copenhagen and Oslo, focusing in particular on Mallorca as a sustainable destination.

Tour operators and travel agencies confirmed that tourism prospects for this year are positive in terms of bookings. They agreed with the need for Mallorca to be a sustainable destination and for tourists to be respectful of a more sustainable way of enjoying the island. There was also emphasis on tourism products for the whole year, such as culture, gastronomy and sport.

The Mallorcan delegation presented developments such as the establishment of the Sustainable Tourism Observatory in Mallorca, the circularity plans for hotels, and the start-up of a green hydrogen plant in Lloseta.

In addition, there was a focus on the public transport system with, for instance, all buses in the TIB fleet running on natural gas or electricity.