Ukrainian refugees in Mallorca today. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Some 80 Ukrainian refugees are already in Mallorca, a figure that will increase in the coming days, according to the Balearic government's Department of Social Affairs.

Of these approximately 80 refugees, 51 are currently staying at the Covid hotel in Palma, waiting for a permanent place to live.

The rest, around thirty, are already living with families in Mallorca with whom they had some contact before the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

More refugees are expected to arrive in the Balearics in the coming days. The Balearic government has offered the Spanish government 162 places on the islands for the time being.

As far as the state is concerned, more than a thousand Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Spain fleeing the war are already being taken in by the state system, which so far has more than 12,000 places available to attend to the refugees.