The Minister for Tourism Reyes Matoto (centre) in Mallorca today. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - CATI CLADERA

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, said today, during her visit to Mallorca, that Spain is facing a "good" tourist season despite the "uncertainty" caused by the war in Ukraine.

According to Maroto "Spain is facing a good tourist season, despite the uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine, which is generating mistrust in travel".

And she if confident that the Balearics will be a top destination just like last year when the islands began to reopen to foreign tourists.

These figures for the 2021, she stressed, were the result of "a lot of work" between the various institutions and, she added, of having been able to convey to travellers the high level of "safety" offered by the destination.

She said, "we must continue to make to communicate to tourists that the Balearic Islands and Spain are, despite the war, a safe destination and capable of offering the very best tourist services".

With this in mind, she explained that on 30 March, both the government and some of the autonomous regions, including the Balearics, will travel to Miami on a "trade mission" to promote the destination.

The minister concluded, "the remoteness of the conflict from Spain allows us to be optimistic and gives us some certainty that the forecasts for a good tourist season, especially at Easter, will be fulfilled, always, of course, being realistic and prudent, analysing the risks arising from the war to the markets".