Fights between youths from Palma and Calvia are common. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Magalluf is still causing problems. The latest known incident occurred in the early hours of last Sunday morning in a well-known local pub. Two Calvia local police officers were beaten by two youths when they were trying to break up a mass brawl near the pub.

The alleged aggressors were arrested shortly afterwards by colleagues of the injured officers, who arrived as reinforcements.

The incident, according to sources close to the case, happened at around 4.00 a.m. A local police patrol was alerted that in one of the premises in Magalluf where hundreds of young people from the municipality and, above all, Palma, gather on Friday and Saturday nights, a brawl was taking place between a large group of youths, a frequent occurrence of late.

The first officers on the scene tried to mediate without much success. One of the officers who tried to separate one of the youths who was assaulting another was punched twice in the face.

His colleague came to the injured man's rescue and was grabbed by the neck, making it impossible for him to help. A few moments later, the two suspects were arrested at the scene by the local police. The two suspects live in Palma.