New traffic laws this week. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

New traffic laws are coming into force on the March 22 which will affect drivers in Spain, including penalties for throwing anything from a vehicle.

It was recently proven that customised electric scooters can reach maximum speeds of 125 kilometres per hour, imagine getting hit by one of those.

However, it would appear that riding electric scooters is no longer going to be much fun, no more zipping on and off pavements and helmets are going to become compulsory as part of new traffic laws coming into force.

Alcohol ignition interlock devices in new passenger transport vehicles, mandatory helmets for drivers of electric scooters and new speed limits for overtaking other vehicles are among the positive developments.

All new minibuses designed to carry more than eight people, buses and coaches will have to be equipped with an alcohol ignition interlock device in 2022, which coincides with new European Union rules which impose an interface for such a device on all new types of road vehicles and this eventually apply to all new cars in a fresh attempt to crackdown on drinking and driving.

And drivers of all vehicles under the age of 18 will be subject to a zero-tolerance blood alcohol limit.

There will also be more severe penalties for failing to wear seat belts and using a mobile phone while driving and all this has been welcomed by the European Union which has praised Spain for setting an example on road safety.

Pedestrians are to be given priority at all crossings, on pavements, and in pedestrianised areas.