More rain and mud showers forecast for Mallorca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Jaume Morey

It has been another wet week in Mallorca and there is more rain on its way next week.
The spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Balearics, María José Guerrero, said today that more rain is forecast for the next ten days.
A wave of different storms are going to his the islands and the weather is not expected to settle down until next Sunday.

“From Sunday to Monday a temporary improvement is forecast,” Guerrero said.
She also pointed out that March has been wetter than usual so far. With a week to go until the end of the month, there have been 12 days of rain, when the norm is seven. By contrast, last February was very dry and there was practically no rainfall.

The Aemet forecast for tomorrow is for cloudy skies with scattered showers, accompanied by mud and thunderstorms are not being ruled out this afternoon.
Night-time temperatures will remain unchanged, between 11º and 13º, while daytime temperatures will fall slightly, and will not exceed 14º-16º. The wind will blow from the east and northeast with some strong winds; the yellow alert for rough seas along the east coast of Mallorca will be maintained.

On Sunday, the rain will ease slightly but during the early morning scattered mud showers are forecast along with isolated storms. However, skies should clear in the afternoon.
Night-time temperatures will fall, dropping to 7º-10º; maximum temperatures will rise to 17º-19º. The wind will blow from the north and northeast with some strong winds. The lull will only last until Monday.
The rain will return on Tuesday.