More rain and some snow on its way to Mallorca this week | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - EFE/Antonio Garcia

Spring may have sprung in Mallorca, but it does not feel like it.

The weather for this week will remain unsettled and then on Friday a polar front will hit the Balearics bringing scattered showers and islolated hail storms to the northeast of the island.

And snow is forecast at 1,000 metres. Mind you, this is not the first time it has snowed in April; in fact, it did so last year.

The Aemet Balearic met. office spokesperson María José Guerrero said today that the most notable aspect of the weather in Mallorca over the next few days will be the cold, as temperatures will drop considerably.

Temperatures will range from maximums of around 20º to no more than 13º-16º; values more typical of the winter months than of spring. The normal temperature at the beginning of April is 18º, so it will be well below that. Minimum temperatures will range from between 6º and 10º; 8º is the norm.

The wind will blow from the northwest and from the morning onwards very strong gusts are expected.

Guerrero concluded that for this weekend "is going to be cold." Saturday's highs are not expected to exceed 12º. However, from Tuesday 5 April, conditions will start to improve.