National Police are handling the attack. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

National Police offider arrested a 17-year-old Spanish minor today for biting a policewoman and causing considerable damage at the Son Espases hospital.

The incident took place on the gynaecology ward of the hospital when the girl and her mother went for a check-up. According to police and hospital sources the minor argued with her mother inside the hospital for unknown reasons. The argument carried on until they reached the exit of the consultation area at which point the pregnant patient smashed a glass railing and insulted several people.

After a few minutes of shouting and tension, the young woman got on the EMT Line 20 bus. Security personnel called the National Police who rushed to the scene and stopped the bus in order to identify the perpetrator of the damage to the hospital.

At that moment, a police officer invited the teenager to get off the bus and she responded by biting the officer. She was then arrested and taken to the police station for an alleged offence of damage and another of attacking a police officer.