'La Paca' arriving at court on Saturday. | Miquel À. Cañellas


There was tight security by the courts in Palma on Saturday as the thirty people detained during the Guardia Civil's major drugs operation on Thursday were brought before a judge.

The most celebrated, or infamous, of those arrested was 'La Paca', 66-year-old Francisca Cortés. The drugs matriarch of the Son Banya shanty town, she was on third grade release from prison when she was detained on Thursday.

She has categorically denied that she has once again become the head of drugs trafficking in Son Banya. Arriving at the courts on Saturday, she told the awaiting media - "I'm sick of you. I haven't done anything".

However, it is understood that there were bugged conversations between her and a David M., the chief suspect in the police investigation. He had to be admitted to Inca Hospital at the time of his arrest; he had suffered an attack of kidney stones. Another of the detainees, Carlos A., hit himself against the bars when he was in the cell. He has been admitted to a hospital psychiatric unit.

Other intercepted communications involved a José C. and a Pedro C., in which there were allegedly discussions about "kilos of cocaine".

Seven of those who appeared in court were remanded in custody at the end of a hearing which concluded at six o'clock on Sunday morning - La Paca was one of these.