Forecasts are very good for Easter. | Nuria Rincón

Forecasts suggest that hotels in Mallorca will register occupancy rates of up to 98% over Easter. This is due to heavy demand from the main European markets as well as from the Spanish market.

This occupancy will be based on some 85% of hotels being open, a percentage well above that which had been anticipated at the Fitur tourism fair in Madrid in January. Negative factors, most obviously the war in Ukraine, are not hitting the Easter period holiday market.

The opening of hotels and their occupancy is due to the progressive increase in air traffic at Palma Son Sant Joan since the end of March. On Tuesday, the Aena airports authority in Palma announced that 6,990 flights are scheduled between April 8 and 18, not far below the 7,236 for a similar Easter period in 2019.

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The occupancy rates are still dependent on last-minute bookings, but hoteliers indicate that forecasts are very positive "because there is a desire to travel". There is a general view among tour operators that the demand for Mallorca has grown because it is perceived as a safe destination in different ways - in terms of health and also of safety, well removed from the conflict in Ukraine.

Silvia Montejano, general secretary of the CCOO union's service federation, says that "tourist reservations, the arrival of flights and job hiring are positive and are above the figures for Easter 2019".

Her counterpart at the UGT, José García, notes that the reincorporation of 'fijo discontinuo' employees is going very well, despite external factors such as the war.