Police at the scene of this weekend's incidents. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Son Valentí industrial estate in Palma has become a hot spot for disorder and violence after several weekend of fights, assaults on police officers, disorderly conduct, nudity, illegal street parties and breaches of municipal regulations.

This weekend, three local Palma police officers were assaulted - two men and a woman - a waiter was knocked to the ground and several people were arrested. Apart from all this, the discotheque La Cantina Deluxe was inspected and fined.

The disturbances began in the early hours of Thursday morning, when dozens of young people once again turned the industrial zone into the epicentre of fights, shouting, threats, car races, binge drinking and disorderly behaviour. The consumption of alcohol and drugs increases every weekend leading to fights between rival gangs.

At around five in the morning, when the disco had already closed, a worker at the night club was brutally assaulted and knocked out. But the most violent and serious incidents took place in the early hours of Friday morning. Officers from Palma’s Local Police GAP riot squad were responding to an illegal street party when they were attacked of a group of customers outside the club who were under the influence of alcohol. Three officers were injured and several arrests were made. Finally, in the early hours of Sunday morning, about twenty Local Police officers raided La Cantina Deluxe club .

After an inspection, the discotheque was fined for failing to meet various rules and regulations. The club also exceeded the CO2 levels and no more customers were allowed in until the premises had been properly ventilated and the levels were within the permitted range.
The volume level of the music was also ordered to be lowered.
When the venue finally closed at 5am over 500 young people of different nationalities spilled out into the street sparking a series of minor incidents.