Hotel in Playa de Palma prepared for opening. | Pilar Pellicer


The latest Hotel Pricing Outlook report by global strategy consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners reveals that the average daily hotel rate this Easter will be around 190 euros. This is the price for the main Easter destinations, including the Balearics.

Hotel companies, the report notes, anticipate almost total recovery of occupancy - it will be more or less back to what it was in 2019. As for prices for the Easter weekend, these are on average 12% higher than for other weekends.

Based on information from some 1,800 hotels of three to five stars, the report finds that the lowest average price is in the Balearics - 158 euros. This is eleven per cent higher than for other weekends, the largest percentage increase being 57% in Malaga, where the average price is 280 euros. The highest price of all is 336 euros in Seville. At similar price levels to the Balearics are Gerona (169 euros) and Alicante (172 euros).

In general terms and taking account of current cost pressures, Carlos Fernández, senior consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners, says that hotels will have to adjust their rates to combat inflation but that it will not be possible to do this solely with price measures. Demand will be damaged if customers perceive that rates are shooting up.